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Hire cleaning equipment

If gathering the cash to buy a sparkling new cleaning machine isn’t something your business wants to prioritise, then there are other options. For many businesses a capital investment of any size is not required as there are cost effective solutions through lease or contract hire.. 

What is involved in hiring cleaning equipment?

There is often confusion between the terms ‘lease’ and ‘contract hire’. If you lease equipment, it tends to be for a set period where you will pay a standard amount every month. Your business will also be responsible for the equipment – this means the terms of your lease are likely to state that your organisation will need to make sure the machinery is serviced and maintained to certain standards at defined intervals. In many cases, once the lease hire period is up, your business will have the opportunity to buy leased machinery.

If your business instead chooses to utilise a contract hire agreement, then you can expect the company that has hired the equipment to you, to be responsible for service and maintenance. Sometimes known as an ‘operating lease’, contract hire will not offer the opportunity to purchase any cleaning equipment hired at the end of the agreement.

Things to take into account when hiring cleaning equipment

Once you have decided whether it is an ordinary lease or a contract hire agreement that you require, you are then free to consider other key elements of any possible agreement. Take a look at the points below, to make sure you make the right decision:

Contract period: It’s best to be as accurate as you can when signing up to a hire agreement, so try and calculate accurately how long you will need the equipment for and then find the right deal for you. However, sometimes even with our best efforts, our estimates need revising, so it’s always useful to know what the impact will be on your pocket if you want to make alterations to your initial hire agreement. Try asking: What is the contract period? How flexible is it? Can you shorten the contract with minimal financial penalties? Can you lengthen it on the same or better terms?

Delivery and collection: If delivery and collection is included in the price, then you can relax. However, if it’s not, be sure to be very clear how much drop off and pick will cost you – read that contract!

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