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Burner Nozzle - Delavan


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Burner Nozzle - Delavan

At the forefront of nozzle development, Delavan created its nozzle using bi-metal construction. The Brass body and stainless steel metering parts permit machining to close tolerances for precision and consistently high performance. Brass transmits heat fast from the nozzle face to reduce the possibility of varnish and oil residue build up. Stainless steel provides that extra durability for metering parts where wear is a factor.

Three basic nozzles that cover the widest range of oil burner requirements. Depend on the Delavan "Big Three" and their unmatched performance that maintains customer satisfaction at a high level. Delavan's three basic nozzles are the Type A Hollow, the Type B Solid Cone, and the Type W All Purpose Nozzle. If the size of nozzle is not listed please contact us with the details, such as, the machine type and model it fits in.

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